Our Completed And Ongoing Projects:

Serial No App Type Task Description
1Track What MattersAndroidConvert and existing IOS app to AndroidAn android application related to vehicle tracking of an delivery company, with specific user wise view.
2Ride TracAndroidConvert and existing IOS app to AndroidConvert an existing IOS application for Android related to bus and route tracking on map with: 1. Updated iOS code 2. Android code 3. New custom pins 4. New app icon 5. Screenshot of updated iOS app Here is the list of tasks: 1. Update the custom pins (attached zip) in the Android version. 2. Update the icons for Android sizes 480 x 800 and 720 x 1280 3. Change name of app to RideTrac
3CharmsAndroidRecording applicationAn Android application to download specific .mp3 file from a given server location, record voice along with the mp3 then upload it to the server. Apart this the app also has some other features like log in with certain user id, delete playback record only voice etc.
4XLPadiOSMedical ApplicationModify and existing IOS application to change its contents, name, logo. Also worked with the provisioning profile and certificates for the application.
5Tru ReceiptiOSiOS applicationAn application for iPhone devices that will be used to confirm that amount actually charged to a credit/debit card matches the invoiced amount to a client. (tip confirmation) The application will allow the user to photograph receipts and will store the receipt photos for review and reconciliation against the credit card or bank statement received. Receipt photos will be accessible within the application and will be date stamped and arranged in chronological order. Photos of receipts may be manually deleted after reconciliation.


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